About Me

Hello! As you've likely deduced, I'm Rob. 🙂 I currently reside in Sacramento, CA. I've been involved in music my entire life, and percussion a vast majority of that time.

When I'm not working on percussion endeavors I'm usually spending time on client projects related to the development side of my freelance business. I also try to take time to enjoy friends, good food, and yummy beverages.

I believe in consistency and quality. When those are the cornerstones of the music/vis, staff, and program as a whole the students will be best set up for success.

With decades of experience teaching percussionists ages 11 and up, I know how to help students build skills successfully. I share my expectations, teach my students how to fulfill those expectations, and hold them accountable for their part in their success. This approach has led to many trophies and championships, but I'm going to be direct with you: Trophies don't matter. I'm more concerned with the students' experience and how they grow/develop as people through the vehicle of percussion and music. In my opinion, if that's the focus, the results will come.

If you'd like quality teaching, program consulting, music writing, indoor percussion staging, or percussion adjudication you've come to the right place; drop me a line and we'll get the process started.

What I Do


I'll work with your program focusing on quality and consistency and can align feedback with the structure of the rubric your ensemble is adjudicated by (e.g. WGI sheets, BOA sheets, etc.). I have availability for local and non-local as well as short- and long-term engagements. The sooner we start discussing things the better, my calendar is usually booked out about 3 to 6 months, sometimes longer depending on the season.

Music Writing

Specializing in writing for your ensemble, I can help with:

  • Battery music
  • Front ensemble auxiliary and drum set music

I can also work with you on front ensemble arrangement on a case-by-case basis. If we need to pull someone in, or you need an original front ensemble book, I have several colleagues I work with who can assist.


Trained in WGI's rubric via the eAdjudicate Academy and having attended judge training hosted by Caleb Rothe, I'm ready to adjudicate your event. It's not a problem if you're not from a WGI or winter circuit. I'm happy to study your organization's sheets to ensure I'm as effective as possible. I take adjudication seriously and work hard to add value to your organization and ensembles.

Proof Points

I can't think of a better way to communicate the efficacy of my work than through independent, 3rd party reviews like judge commentary. Below you'll find some audio files that do just that.

Lynbrook High School (2018 NCPA PSCA Champions)
"Mayhem" written by Daniel Montoya, arranged by Rob vLS
This is the result of the programming, staff, and students all syncing up and culminating in an outstanding final performance. Go on, hear what Michael thought of it. TL;DL, check out the last 20 seconds.
Independence High School (2017 WBA Class A Champions)
Selections from Gustav Holst, Winds arranged by Ken Ponticelli, Battery written by Rob vLS, Front Ensemble arranged by Ken Ponticelli and Rob vLS (25%/75% respectively)
Ken and I have this great groove where he puts certain elements that he wants to hear into the front ensemble score and then I fill it out to align with current percussion caption expectations. Once the front ensemble music is established for a section I go back and write the battery music. Our partnership has resulted in much success over the years.

Samples of My Work

Balance by Andrew Yozviak and Daniel Mark

Battery: Nearly complete original composition by Rob vLS
Front Ensemble Melodic: Heavy arrangement by Rob vLS
Front Ensemble Auxiliary: Original composition by Rob vLS

Dreams of Flying by Frank Sullivan

Battery: Original composition by Rob vLS
Front Ensemble Melodic: Moderate arrangement by Rob vLS
Front Ensemble Auxiliary: Heavy arrangement/original writing by Rob vLS

The Ninja Within

Battery: Original composition by Rob vLS
Front Ensemble Melodic: Original composition by Greg Gonzales
Front Ensemble Auxiliary: Original composition by Rob vLS and Greg Gonzales
Samples: Acquisition, recording, mixing, and processing by Rob vLS

Please contact me for additional information.


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