Time is Life

Time is Life

Time is money. I get it; it makes sense. It's a very objective view on taking A, processing it, and getting B in return. But is that really it?

I started earning an hourly wage at 9 years old (don't worry, it was legit -- I was working on my father's farm during the summer) so the idea of spending my time working equating to earning money was ingrained early in my life.

Once I got to the professional world, the pay paradigm shifted from hourly to salary. I worked 9-5 (or 8-5, or way longer) and spent time traveling to/from the office and for my time and effort I got paid.

This all sound pretty standard, right?

But what if we replaced the concept of time with the concept of life?

Every minute we spend on this earth is a trickle out of our non-rechargeable time battery. While time (in relation to the average lifespan) seems infinite, our presence here is not. If we reframe time as life, it makes decisions about how we're spending it much more potent.

My friend Ryan lost his wife to an 11 year battle with cancer. While they traveled down that road together one thing remained constant: his emphasis on how valuable our time is and not to take it for granted.

Our conversations and his unique perspective helped me focus on what it is I want to do with my time (and therefore my life).

How are you spending your time/life? Are you doing what you'd like to be doing? What can you do to better achieve your goals? These are questions I ask myself frequently in my personal efforts to recoup time through gains in efficiency and prioritization.

For most of us, there are things we have to do to achieve our goals, that's a standard for adulting. But what if you had more time? What if you could lean things out to create more time; more life? To me, that's invaluable.

So the next time someone quips at you, "Time is money!" give it a second thought, maybe it's not.

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